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Silver Shimmer Is My New Obsession

Got to play around with NN separates like never before all through our recent time in Bali <3

Welcome to the NN journal. We want to use this space to connect with you in a way that’s in-the-moment and real. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where we'll share updates about daily musings, new developments, thought journeys and experiences.

“Your energy defines how you experience the world around you. And hey, sometimes that feeling you feel wearing certain clothes in a certain moment can spark the energy switch you needed.”


I got these silver shimmer pants and the one shoulder top made for myself a day before we had to leave for Bali, in haste, of course. They turned out to be my feel-good friends through balmy nights after long beach days ;) I threw on the new Nadi Nadi BUTTER shirt in Periwinkle blue and it was a match made in heaven. The shirts are made with modal silk, a more long-lasting fabric compared to the usual 100% silk satin we love using. It's effortless and uplifting, feels like butter on skin. I'd love to see you style your NN separates and swim pieces in what feels authentic to you <3 - B