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Nadi Nadi, pronounced Nuh-dee Nuh-dee,

is a continuous coexistence of parallel flow states.

It's essence is drawn from that of water, which is

effortlessly fluid and offers no resistance.


We design apparel and objects that instil
a sense of familiarity with oneself.

Our journey begins with resort, swimwear, accessories

and allied objects using materials and techniques

that are close to our hearts.


. . .


Nadi Nadi is an extension of Hannan, our jewelry space.

As we became more and more comfortable with materials,

we felt we needed a separate, yet connected outlet to play around in.

Bhaavya always had a proclivity for clean silhouettes

and found herself naturally gravitating towards resort

in order to bring to life the caricature we dreamt together.

As for me, I've always found a strange sense of familiarity

working closely with handicraft artisans.

With Nadi Nadi, we hope to bring to you objects we would personally use,

to instil a bit of marvellous in everyday

while appreciating the depth in the ordinary.

- Rishi






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