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Why Nadi Nadi

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Thinking about the early days of Nadi Nadi's inception. The brand transpired rather unintentionally, thanks to a lost package of swimwear before my month-long beach side getaway! We decided to test swim pieces at our factory that was already producing for my eponymous label, Bhaavya Bhatnagar. I wanted clean, minimal and high-on-comfort swimwear that I could have adventurous beach days in. I wouldn't call myself a carefree beach bum and so comfort and fits were my top priority. What followed were 4 swimsuits of my dreams and two months later, a brand new creative playground for Rishi and I to explore our creative passions for. We were (and still are) heavily drawn to the Taoist concept of Wu-Wei that draws a lot of inspiration from water. We'd talk about its concepts and texts all the the time and on one of those days, at a pool side, in my newly constructed swimwear, we had a moment. A moment that connected the many dots - our building up desire for exploring new design territories, an evolving belief in the concept of 'effortless action', a respect for the resources we had been able to build and strengthen over the years, and a sibling for our first born, HANNAN. We got back to Delhi a month later, after very many magical beach mornings, with a sketchbook full of ideas. We chose 12 pieces, styled as full looks with kaftans and custom-made HANNAN jewels. Within a week, we met Jupiter, our forever NN muse, via the beautiful folks at A little Fly. Energies aligned the moment we met and what followed soon was a glorious day of creating NADI NADI's first pictures with our captain, Rishi, behind the lens and our bosses, Fudge and Georgie, as the artistic directors.

Jupiter, on